Honley Lace Scarf

Knitted lace

I think it was Spring last year, whilst I was pondering the idea of things to do with my kids in the summer.  We often visit the local agricultural shows and similar and thought about trying a new one.  We hadn’t been to Honley Show before and it’s quite local to us, so I had a look at the website.  I wondered if they had a knitting section.  Or a crochet section.  I like to have a nosey.

It turned out they did.  (It’s always nice to have something to look at beyond sheep, cows and tractors).  Then I started to ponder the idea of entering some of my own knitting.  You never know, I thought, my knitting is as good as anybody else’s.

I had absolutely no idea what the competition would be like, perhaps a piece of lace knitting would be a good thing to enter.  People always seem to ooooo and aahhhh over a bit of lace knitting.  Only trouble was, I couldn’t decide on a pattern.  I often have this problem, so I did my usual and I made one up.  I already had the perfect ball of yarn for the job and a couple of months to knit it…

Findley Dappled Lace Knitting



Here it is, my yummy ball of Findley Dappled Lace.  I love this yarn, the colours are lovely and it is sooo soft.





So, two weeks before the show and quite a bit of effort later, (sometimes I wonder why I enjoy knitting lace, it usually involves a certain amount of cursing and I can only do it one the kids have gone to bed), I had a scrumpled ball of knitted lace.

Honley Lace Knitted Scarf


It doesn’t look that stunning does it?

I have always had lots of knitters ask me if blocking is a good idea or not. Usually the answer is yes.  Even though it might be a little bit tedious it’s often worth the effort I reckon. Sometimes it’s just not necessary, but with lace it’s an absolute must.

Compared to the amount of time it takes to knit lace the blocking is really quite quick and the results are always worth it.

Honley Lace Knitted Scarf



Scrumpled mess becomes beautiful, elegant lace!




I decided it was good enough to enter into the show, which was a good thing really as I didn’t have anything else to enter in it’s place.


So, off we went to Honley Show.

If you don’t know where Honley is, it’s a small town/large village near Huddersfield in West Yorkshire. It’s quite a pretty area but this was a very wet day to be wandering around on a muddy field. We had wellies and waterproofs though and we had heaps of fun. There was actually plenty to see as well as the sheep. The kids harassed me into letting them have their faces painted, go on rides and eat ice creams, what more can I say.  I think the face painting lady deserved a prize to be honest, she was brilliant!


Eventually we worked our way back to the craft tent.  What a surprise was awaiting. I must admit, I was secretly hoping for a third or maybe second place, but that’s not what I got.

Honley Lace Knitted Scarf


Somehow my little piece of lace knitting had won the first prize, a best in show rosette AND a trophie for the best handicraft exhibit!  I was stunned.  I guess the judges like lace.  I’d never won a trophie before in my life and it felt quite nice.  I know I have to take it back next year for somebody else, but I can feel warm and fuzzy just knowing that my name will be engraved on it forever.



After such a successful day I thought that maybe I should write the pattern up , maybe other people would like to use it too.  Maybe somebody else will knit my pattern and win a show somewhere else with it.

I hope so.

If you would like the pattern, it’s available from my Etsy shop.  Happy knitting!

Honley Lace Scarf Knitting Pattern