84,900 stitch blanket

About this time last year, I had finished all my crochet projects and was looking for something new to do.  So, I thought, I know I’ll do a new blanket, (I like making blankets). A nice quick stitch, so it doesn’t take too long.  Maybe I’ll have a look at what random colours I have lying around and see what matches up…

I found that I had loads of colours that when put together reminded me of Morocco.

Crochet Moroccan Desert Blanket Pattern Inspiration

The colour palette looked like it had just come straight out of a desert bazaar. I decided upon an old fashioned hounds tooth stitch in three colours and thought I might do a kind of gradual colour progression. Shouldn’t take too long.

Famous last words.

As ever I didn’t bother with a pattern, I just make it up as I am going along.  I wanted a nice big blanket, so I did my foundation chain nice and long.  Ooops.  Perhaps a bit too long this time.  Nevermind I thought, I ‘ll carry on anyway and make this a really big blanket!  I was enjoying the simplicty of it and the three colour, changing pattern was working well.

Crochet Moroccan Desert Blanket


And then of course, other projects interfered.  So the blanket got shelved temporarily. This seems to happen to me a lot when I am making blankets.  Quicker shorter projects, usually requests by other people always have a habit of taking priority over what I really want to do.


So, late spring came and went and then finally, during the summer I had a few weeks of working on my blanket again. It grew quite quickly too, considering how wide it was.  When I sat on the sofa working on it, it almost covered my feet now. This would have been great if it was winter and it wasn’t making me so warm!

Crochet Moroccan Desert Blanket Pattern

And then the inevitable happened and it got shelved again.  There was a small part of me that was starting to wonder just how big this blanket was going to end up. I really had done the rows far too long and at the moment it was a long thin rectangle. I was going to have to do soooo many more rows to make it balance out.  Hmmm.  More yarn was going to be needed.

Well, suddenly it was December and miraculously I didn’t have any other projects to work on.  None.   I was down to just my blanket.  This is a true rarity as I usually have at least four projects on the go.  So, one final push and I thought I could finish it by Christmas.  I’d forgotten how big it was. After a week or so of working on it I needed more yarn.  Which I promptly used up.  It wasn’t big enough.  So I found some more yarn.  Still not big enough.

Crochet Moroccan Desert Blanket Pattern

Eventually, the week after Christmas I made a decision that enough was enough and once I had finished the colours I was using that I would stop.

Sometimes it’s hard to stop when you’re enjoying making a blanket.  The temptation to make it just a little bit bigger creeps up on you…

I’m not sure what it is about this blanket that I love, other than that it has kept my legs warm throughout December, but I think it is going to become one of my favourites.  The texture is really lovely.  It doesn’t feel like a crocheted blanket, it feels like a woven blanket, with a dense and fabric-like structure to it.  The colour patterning is so simple, yet looks really effective.

So, now it’s January and I have finally finished the blanket.  Time to measure it.  It’s somewhat larger than I originally envisioned, being 175cm wide and 150cm long,  but that’s a bonus as it fits a double bed comfortably and you can get several people under it at once on the sofa. Then I had a thought about the number of stitches.  It’s not something I normally think about, but I got curious about how many stitches there were in my blanket.  So I worked it out.  I thought there might be quite a few but I wasn’t ready for 84,900. (give or take a couple).  Wow!  That’s a lot of stitches.  In fact that’s a seriously large number of stitches.  Makes it sound really impressive.  Made me wonder how many stitches, crochet or knitting, I do in a year. Think I’ll leave that calculation for another day.

Here it is, the finished item.  I have called it my Moroccan Desert Blanket.

Crochet Moroccan Desert Blanket Pattern

It’s definitely my favourite so far and very easy.  I might have to make another one.

If you fancy making one, I have put the pattern on Etsy and there is a brief video tutorial on the hounds tooth stitch in my tutorial section.

Moroccan Desert Blanket Crochet Pattern

You don’t have to make it a giant blanket, it is easy to adjust the size and make a smaller one.  Send us pics if you make any good ones.

Happy Crocheting!

Crochet Moroccan Desert Blanket Pattern




I used a mixture of yarns in the blanket above, but here are some of my favourites.  (click on the images to find links to the yarns)