Crochet Mitts Madness

Well, the time finally arrived for the first Craft Creme workshop.  I spent the whole day waiting for this workshop, mainly as I was really looking forward to a piece of cake from the Cafe.  (Karen does do exceedingly good cakes).  Of course I was looking forward to seeing a few faces I haven’t seen for ages too and getting stuck into a bit of crochet.

I must admit I didn’t know how exactly many people were going to turn up, so I just bagged up as much yarn as I could carry, with hopefully enough hooks and patterns.

I thought, foolishly, that I would get to savour my piece of cake and have a nice coffee before anyone turned up.  I should have known better really.  I knew Pat would turn up early, she always does.  (It’s nice to see her eagerness though and it’s been such a long while that I have missed it).  After that, they just kept coming…

We had  a full room!  It was a little bit hard trying to juggle the number of absolute beginners we had all in one go, but they did all go home crocheting. In a fashion.  You all worked sooooo hard, I was very impressed.  I think I need to spend more time teaching some folks,  mentioning no names (Ja***  ), but that’s fine, we can work on it.  I hope they will come and find me if they need a bit of extra help and there is always the knit and chat sessions, where you can get help and continue to learn.karens-mitt

I know some of you will have gone home and finished your first mitt straight away.

Here is the first one I have received a picture of this morning.   Suprise, surprise it’s Karen’s and it looks fab!

So, who’s gonna be the first to fnish a complete pair I wonder?  (Not counting mine, I’ve already done several).

I’m going to hopefully get around to posting some beginner crochet notes on the tutorials page over the next couple of days, to help those of you who have only just started, so, watch this space.

Despite the chaos, I think everybody had a good time, I certainly did.  Here’s a big thank you to Karen for hosting the event and to all those of you who came along and made it a success.  x

I’m looking forward to the next one, whatever we decide to do.  If anybody has anything specific that they would like to do get in touch and let us know…