Crafty Creme Crochet Mitts

Coffee, cake and crochet.  It’s always been one of my favourites combos.  I seem to spend a lot of time in my favourite cafe in Penistone doing just that.  Right now I am sat in the cafe window, with my coffee and cake and working on my laptop.  Luckily the staff are used to me doing this and are quite happy for me to sit here all day if I want.craft-creme


The cafe is quite a crafty cafe with all sorts of crafty events and displays. Karen, the owner, is looking to do more crafts in the future, so we had a little chat a while ago and she came up with ‘Crafty Creme’.  Evening workshops for different crafts, where folks can get together and craft! (and eat cake)

It’s a perfect combo for me, as I am asked on  a regular basis about when I am going to do some more knitting and crochet workshops in the local area.  So, we’re going to start the ball rolling with a crochet workshop.

(Did I mention that Karen does the BEST CAKES EVER! )

I needed a basic workshop, for beginners and advanced crocheters alike.  A simple project, but great for Christmas presents, so I had a think and decided, (as the weather is turning cold), that a pair of fingerless mitts in a luxury yarn might just hit the spot.stripy-crochet-mitts


And here they are:


They are Karen’s fingernails by the way. She just happened to be wearing exactly the right colour nail polish the day I needed to take a photo.

Mine never look that good!


The yarn I used was a lovely self-striping aran weight yarn in alpaca and merino.  Lovely and warm, lovely and soft and great stripes.  I love self-striping yarn personally – no ends to sew in!  It comes in fabulous colours too.


Once I had created one pair of mitts, as per usual I had an overwhelming urge to create another pair, but in a different colour. I thought maybe some peoplesolid-colour-mitts would prefer them in a solid colour.  Not everybody likes super stripes after all.

They’re actually really quick and easy to make.  Definitely a one evening project for an experienced crocheter.

I might make some more.  I can feel a round of homemade Christmas presents coming on this year…


I have written the pattern up, as usual and it’s available from my Etsy page.  Easy Peasy Crochet Mitts Pattern

We’re all set now, for the workshop this week, so let’s hope it’s a success then we can do more.

In case you’re interested in the workshop and any future workshops coming up, you can find more information about prices,booking etc., on facebook.

Wool Monkey facebook

Cafe Creme facebook