The Knitted Wolf Sweater

Wool Monkey Wolf Sweater

There is a printed pattern which has been sitting on the ‘must knit at some point’ pile on my desk for several years now.  It was given to me by one of my customers back when I had a shop.  She thought I might like it.   I do, I love it.  I’ve been waiting for a chance to knit it for quite some time.

Here it is, looking a little worse for wear as a glass of wine was knocked over onto it a few days ago, by an over-enthusiastic dog.

A couple of months ago I had to go into hospital for some day surgery and I knew that it was going to involve sitting doing nothing for many hours. The nurses had told me the week before that I was going to be last on the surgeon’s list for that day. I still had to turn up for 7am though, then sit there all day in my dressing gown,  awaiting my turn.  7 hours as it turned out.  I figured there was no point worrying about it, that I should treat it as an opportunity to use the time as best I could.  After all, no kids, no dog, nobody to talk to,  no disruptions.  I wasn’t even allowed to leave my chair other than to go to the toilet, which was only a couple of metres away and to be honest I didn’t need to go as I wasn’t allowed to drink.  Perfect opportunity to start a new project!

So, out came the pattern I had been saving for so long.  It felt like the right thing to do.  I had a good rummage in my yarn stash, got everything I needed together and then off I went for my day long wait. 

It’s surprising how much you can get done in 7 solid hours of knitting.   I got a good way up the back of the jumper! 

It normally takes me a while to knit anything for myself.  I usually have other projects to do, for other people or other purposes, which take priority over anything I knit for myself.  Plus, I don’t often knit during the day.  I only work part-time, but I have kids to look after, parents to keep an eye on, the dog to walk etc. etc.  Knitting in the daytime is usually a very guilty luxury.  What a terrible shame, (hint of sarcasm), that I wasn’t allowed to do anything much after my surgery.  I was told that I must rest and do nothing for at least a week. Then nothing strenuous for several more weeks.

No longer did I need to feel guilty for knitting in the daytime.  Sat on the sofa, under my favourite blanket with a cup of tea, the biscuit barrel, the tv remote and my knitting all within arms reach.  Ahhhhhh.   And relax…

It didn’t last long sadly.  The kids and my other half were only willing to wait on me for a brief period, so normal life quickly resumed.  I did enjoy my short-lived period of respite though. Guiltless pleasure!

I loved the design of this sweater, especially the stitch pattern.  It’s a lot easier than it looks.  It might look better with more contrasting colours than those I decided to use, but I still think it looks great. Helped I think by the fact that one of the yarns I choose was ever so slightly self-striping.

Anyway, despite having such a good start, the speed of the project gradually got slower and slower.  More or less directly and inversely proportional to the rate at which I recovered from my surgery.  So, as per usual it has taken me a couple of months to finish it. I finally got around to sewing it up a couple of nights ago.  On the sofa, with my dog helping by moulting all over it whilst I worked.  I can forgive her though, she has been my only companion most daytimes lately and is an extremely good listener, as well as a fabulous hot water bottle.

Unfortunately, there was an unexpected down side to knitting a new sweater whilst recovering from surgery.  It would seem that sitting more than normal and eating maybe one or two more biscuits than usual isn’t that good for your waistline.  The size I chose to  knit back in September is now ever so slightly too small for me.  So, I am not modelling it for you, sorry.  I think the extra few kg I have gained are going to have to go before it will fit me like it should and look good.  Oops.

Oh well, better get the running shoes out, I have no excuse anymore after all…




If you think you would like to try the pattern above, then I believe it is still available to purchase online as a download.  You can get to it using either of the links below, one for Ravelry and one for the designer’s website.