gardening hands

Grubby gardening hands

It's been a while since I wrote a Wool Monkey blog, but winter is on it's way again and the ...
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Pete’s Crocheted Big V Stitch Blanket

This is my big brother, Pete. As you can see, he likes to relax on the sofa, with a whisky ...
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Opuntia Cactus

As you may have realised by now, not only do I love crochet and knitting, but I also love cacti ...
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Nessie’s Crocheted Poncho

I love road trips. Especially road trips round Scotland when the sun is shining. The best bit about road trips ...
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Wool Monkey Crochet Spirals Blanket

Spirals Everywhere Blanket

Sometimes it's a great idea to ask your kids what they think you should make next and sometimes it backfires, ...
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Blanket Sizes

I have often been asked the question 'how much yarn do I need for a blanket?' To which, of course, ...
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Crochet Stitch Conversion

Did you know that the USA and UK have exactly the same crochet stitches, but they are given different names? ...
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Knit and Chatterers

Here is just a quick post in celebration of the Wool Monkey knit and chatterers. (I call them chatterers as ...
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Crochet Mitts Madness

Well, the time finally arrived for the first Craft Creme workshop.  I spent the whole day waiting for this workshop, ...
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Old Favourite – Children’s Poncho

Sometimes the old fashioned stuff just works the best. Just a simple granny crochet poncho, with a little bit of ...
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Baby Sunshine Blanket

OK, so I admit, I really enjoyed making my Moroccan Desert Blanket sooooooo much that I have made a new ...
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84,900 stitch blanket

About this time last year, I had finished all my crochet projects and was looking for something new to do ...
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Knitting for Charity

So, Christmas is over and like many of us you might have spent the last few months knitting Christmas presents ...
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Hexagons Galore

Sometimes I have to invent a new blanket, just to try something out that I haven't done before. Sometimes I ...
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Spice Blanket Free Pattern

A little while ago one of my close friends decided to use up all her oddments and leftovers to make ...
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Mitts Galore

It turns out that the fingerless mitts from our recent workshop at Cafe Creme's Crafty Cafe session were quite popular, ...
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Crocheted fingerless mittens

Crafty Creme Crochet Mitts

Coffee, cake and crochet.  It's always been one of my favourites combos.  I seem to spend a lot of time ...
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Sweetie Pie baby blanket

Simply Soft Yarn Experiment

Whilst visiting a friend recently, over the other side of the Pennines, I went for a visit to a local ...
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