Super Cuddly Dog Bed

I wonder how many of you have similar problems to me with pets and knitting / crochet projects?

Problems like; your pet wants to be on your knee whilst you are trying to knit, making it incredibly hard to move your elbows, or when you put your project down briefly and your pet decides that gives them to perfect opportunity to sit on top of it, to stop you doing anymore knitting so you have to stroke them with at least one hand,, or when you lay something out on the floor to measure it the dog decides you have put it there as a blanket for them to lay on!

Well, she does always seem to want to lay on my projects.  I don’t know if it is the feel of them, or the fact that I have made them, or what, but it gave me an idea recently.

Red, my dog (see picture above), hasn’t really had a specific bed of her own for a while.  She used to have, but stopped using it some time ago, so we got rid of it. She generally sleeps wherever she fancies. The kitchen windowsill, the spare bed, the sofa, behind the door, the middle of the floor, on my knitting…    So, I thought that maybe if I made her a bed of her own, which was crocheted, then she might use it.  I have an old duvet, which to be fair, has seen better days and sometimes Red uses this for a bed.  When she had some surgery, she slept on it on our bedroom floor and if I put it on the living room floor then she often decides to use it. So, I thought I could crochet a cover for it and then it could become her bed permanently.  A perfect bit of upcycling if you ask me!

So I began.  I found a very large stash of super chunky yarn in various colours in my wardrobe and thought it would be ideal.  Nice and thick and soft, with a bit of wool in it, she is bound to like it and it would use it all up nicely.

I started making squares, to use up all of the colours and because it would be really quick and easy to do.  Red didn’t seem to want to wait for me to finish…


But I carried on and did finish it of course.  

I then realised that actually, it was a great project for beginners.  it is made in individual squares stitched together at the end, can be made to any size you need, Great Dane, Chihuahua, or cat, and it’s great for using up lots of oddments.  So, I have written it up into a pattern, aimed at beginners.  There are very detailed instructions in the pattern, with pictures to help, or just the plain straightforward pattern for those of you with enough experience to not need the pictures.  To be honest, you don’t even need to turn it into a dog bed if you don’t want, it could just be a blanket.  It’s very versatile.

Here it is stuffed and turned into a dog bed.


And, here is Red dog on her finished bed.  She loves it!


If you are interested in the pattern, it can be found on Etsy, by following the link below:

Happy crocheting folks!

Absolute Beginner crochet lesson – the chain stitch

Learn to crochet chain stitch

This is the first of some very brief Wool Monkey crochet lessons for absolute beginners.

This lesson covers the first thing you need to learn, which is how to do a basic chain stitch.

All you will need is a ball of yarn and a crochet hook.  We hope you enjoy the lesson and don’t forget to get in touch if you need any help.

Good luck!


Blanket Sizes


I have often been asked the question ‘how much yarn do I need for a blanket?’  To which, of course, there is only one reply, ‘depends how big your blanket is going to be’.

Then of course the next question is usually, ‘how big does my blanket need to be?’  Sounds silly, but there are no fixed rules about how big a blanket should be, just make it to the size you want.

OK, so that sounds like a bit of a slack answer I know.

I have done a little bit of digging to find out what sort of sizes people generally consider to be standard.  Or standard-ish at least. Some people have their own personal set of sizes that they tend to work to and others like to make it up at random.  I know I have a rough guide in my head and I tend to vary it depending upon the project.

One thing to bear in mind, if you are making a blanket for a bed, UK bed sizes and US bed sizes are different!

Baby Blankets

So most of you will have at some point made a baby blanket I suspect.  The sizes do vary a little bit, but most of them out there seem to fit into the same categories and approximate sizes.


Adult Blankets

Not necessarily for adults, but it just gives a different category from babies.  These can vary quite a bit more, especially between the continents! So, I had a look at the bed sizes first as the standards seem to vary slightly.  Here is a comparison between the USA and the UK.  Obviously there are many other variations around the World, but there is a limit to how many I can list and these two seem to be pretty common.


When it comes to the blanket sizes, as oppose to the actual bed sizes there seems to be a lot more discrepancy as to how a blanket should fit a bed.  Should it just reach the edges?  Should it overlap the edges and drape down the sides?  Should the top be long enough to cover the pillows? Is it just a decorative thing?

I still believe it’s all just personal preference.  There are no right and wrongs, but here are some guidelines to what appear to be the most common blanket sizes out there.  Most of them allow for some drape over the sides of the bed.  This is NOT a definitive answer as to the size a blanket should be, NOR is it an instruction that you must create your blankets this size.  It is simply what my research has found…


I hope these help some of you a little bit.  If not my advice when making blankets is to make them big and just keep going until you’ve had enough of making it and then it’s big enough.


There are loads of lovely books containing patterns for blankets out there, but these are a couple of my favourites: (click on them to look inside and check out the latest prices)