Andromeda Crochet Headband

It’s just a quick blog today, I don’t seem to have had much time on my hands this last week or so.   Sometimes it’s hard to keep track as the days fly by…

If you have read any of my most recent blogs, you will know that both of the woolly winter ear warmers I made were greedily poached by my two daughters.  That wasn’t really a part of the plan.  My ears were still cold and getting colder.

My eldest seems to be getting more cunning as she gets older though and decided to bargain with me.  She told me, that what she would really like was a more decorative headband, something she could wear to look pretty, rather than a winter one and that if I made one just for her then I could have my woolly one back!  The cheek!

But of course, what did I do…?

Naturally I got to work straight away.  I found some nice dark pink cotton in my stash which I thought would suit her and had a bit of a play around.  Nothing too complicated, I was thinking maybe some sort of cross between medieval and Greek.  I am not sure that I hit the mark that well but she liked it.  A lot.

She was even willing to model it for me.

It’s not a difficult or long pattern, it only took me one evening to make it.  The two ends are held together with a piece of elastic round the back of the head, which means you can adjust the size to suit almost anybody too.

There’s not much more to say about it really, other than it is a nice little side project for if you fancy a change from whatever you are doing.  I think it would look lovely on most little girls, or ladies, or even gents if that’s your thing!

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I hope some of you will enjoy making it.

Thanks for reading x


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    1. Hi Mary, if you would like to receive the headband pattern then please subscribe to the blog and I will send it you for free!

      Wool Monkey

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